Final 2015 Preseason Fantasy Baseball Rankings

       Better late than never, is what I always say.  In truth I never say that, but here I am making excuses for the last minute reorganization of my 2015 Fantasy Baseball Rankings.  I found this particular preseason a bit tough when it came to ranking the starting pitchers and closers and I needed to see some of them with my own eyes before settling on where I would be comfortable taking them.  The Phantom-Suspension of Josh Hamilton and the Ervin Santana Steroid bust were just a few of the things that I got to throw into my last ditch rankings.

Miguel Cabrera is a key target in auctions

When you peruse my rankings, you will see I’m a bit high on the top of the Mets rotation and I’m a bit bullish on Kris Bryant, Jorge Soler, and Joc Pederson.  I’m dangerously low on Justin Verlander and Matt Cain, but I don’t think you’ll begrudge me treading lightly on their over-taxed arms.  My biggest issue came when looking at the closer situation for every team.  With Dellin Betances struggling so much in the spring it made taking a Chapman or Holland that much more important to me.  I’m kind of excited about some of the arms behind Sonny Gray in Oakland and hope you can pepper your roster with the Scott Kazmirs and Drew Pomeranzs of the world.

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