Fantasy Football Week One Rankings

Will starting Eddie Lacy help you pull away from the competition?

Will starting Eddie Lacy help you pull away from the competition?

While week one of the NFL season is infinitely better than all the previous weeks since the Super Bowl, it is a very strange week for start/sit questions in Fantasy Football.  Most start/sit questions are clouded by preseason performance (even if we all know that it should be thrown out the window) and statistics that are more than a year old.  I really enjoy best ball leagues in week one and two of the NFL season because it takes all of the start/sit uncertainty out of the equation.  The reality is that the vast majority of leagues will have people scrambling for answers.

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I have already fielded questions about benching Eddie Lacy in week one of the Fantasy Football season.  I obviously can’t condone sitting Eddie Lacy in almost any leagues, even if he is playing against a Seattle Seahawks Defense that was picked in the eighth round of home league drafts. (HaHa!)  If Lacy gets you a combined 80 yards and touchdown you have to be happy with that, and those numbers are well within his range against Seattle. While there is nothing I enjoy more than catching up with old acquaintances and former elementary school  bullies to help them with their start/sit questions, I figured it would be a lot easier to use the Fantasy Football Week 1 Ranking Software provided by to answer all of your start sit questions.

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