Usually I like to leave the Thursday night game alone in daily fantasy football unless the match up is just too juicy and this week that match up is like a rare steak to a starved lion.  The New Orleans Saints had a rough and tumble game against the 49ers last week and get to play a division rival in a short week as a prize.  The schedule makers  looked cruel in the preseason as this could have been a huge game with division title implications, but that is not the case.  Luckily that division rival is currently in shambles as the Atlanta Falcons have imploded on both sides of the ball due to injuries.

With the Falcons defense looking like Swiss cheese you need to try and get at least one Saint in your lineup this week.

Drew Brees

Let’s take a look at Drew Brees and see if he will play at or above his value this Thursday.

Drew Brees- 309.41 yards and 2.94 TDs-(numberFire Projection)- 24.14 Fantasy Points -$11000 Salary

So Brees’s cost per point is $455.67.  That’s with me not including the potential for turnovers.  That’s a very doable number for me.   With little to no running yards expected by Brees he will have to put up a very nice game without any turnovers to make him a good play.

For Comparison

Case Keenum

Case Keenum-242.97 yards and 1.49 TDs-(numberFire)- 15.68 Fantasy Points -$6100 Salary

Keenum will scare off a lot of owners because of his benching last week, but there is no need to put him on your DO NOT TOUCH list.  He is facing the Jaguars who couldn’t contain Carson Palmer last week and supposedly has the full confidence of coach Kubiak.  His $389 cost per point is a very nice way to stack your team with high priced studs.   Remember I didn’t factor in any negative points for turnovers.

If you are going based on pure Cost Per Point then Brees would have to throw for over 310 with 4 passing TDs tonight to come close to a very low end projection of Keenum.


I suggest you build a team with both and see which lineup will score more points based on your most trusted fantasy projection site.  I prefer Brees for all 50/50s and Keenum for all bigger tournaments and expert (55K) heads up FanDuels.