FanDuel Quick Picks For Week 17
Tournament Style

Congratulations to all of you who have won your respective fantasy championships in your home leagues. There is no better feeling than to defeat your high school buddies, college friends, co-workers, grandparents, wives, or whomever you competed against. The money is always secondary to the trophy or bragging rights. The money is never secondary when it comes to FanDuel however. Week 17 is upon us and with it comes another shot to make some cash. Here are your first look quick picks for week 17.

Quick Tip #1 -Julio Jones – WR – Falcons – ($9300) – Just pay it. You owe it to yourself to enjoy watching bombs to Julio over fledgling Saints defensive backs and safeties. He torched a strong Panther defense last week to the tune of 9-178-1 so just imagine what is in store this weekend. The price tag will steer some players away from using him in their lineups. Don’t let it steer you away as there are some cheap RB plays to offset my WR plan this week.

Quick Tip #2 – DeAndre Hopkins – WR – Texans ($9000) – It does not matter who is throwing the ball for the Texans as DeAndre is the most exciting young player in football now the Odell Beckham Jr. has been scolded and sent to the corner. The last time the Texans met the Jags Hopkins torched them to the tune of 10-148-2. Expect more of the same.

Quick Tip #3 Antonio Brown – WR – Steelers ($9100)
That’s right. The WR $9000 WR trifecta for my grande FanDuel Finale! I know you’re thinking I will be forced to use Johnny Manziel at QB but you’re wrong. I will post my entire lineup for this week for you to entertain. Brown vs. the Browns is like having chocolate covered chocolate or bacon wrapped bacon would be the better example. If the Browns put their entire defense on him to cover him they still would not be able to. Last time out Brown blasted the Browns for 10-139-2 and I will be disappointed if he doesn’t beat those stats this week.

Quick Tip #4 – Ben Roethlisberger- QB – Steelers ($8800)
He embarrassed himself last week and some players will not be able to play him this week due to disgust. I’ve been there before but I’ve learned to double up on stars following a bad week. The Steelers have to win and they won’t mess around with the Browns. They will put a hurting on them and continue to put a hurting on them through the final whistle. He threw for 379 yards and 3 TDs last time out vs. the Browns so expect more of the same.

Quick Tip #5 – Jeremy Langford – RB – Bears ($4900)
Cha-Ching. Let’s just hope Matt Forte is out this week with that bad back. Langford rushed for 83 yards on 19 carries in a relief role last week and has put up as much as 33.7 FanDuel points in a week as he did so vs. the Rams on 11/15. He can catch passes out of the backfield and is just a beautiful play at home. His price makes the WR trifecta happen.

Quick Tip #6 – Darren Sproles – RB – $5200 – Who the hell on the Giants defense is going to feel like running after Sproles? When was the last time Sproles wasn’t running back punts for TDs vs. the Giants? His catch passing ability + kick return potential + history vs. the Giants makes for a nice cheap play and also to make the WR trifecta happen.


Below are the long shots that will round out my lineup and help make my dream of the WR Trifecta work.

Jacob Tamme – TE – $4900 – Why not? It’s the Saints defense after all. He’s good for 4-5 catches. Here’s hoping one of them is in the endzone.

Blair Walsh – K – $4500 – I wish I had him last week for his monster day. Last time vs. the Packers he registered only one point which is a bit concerning but you could do worse here.

Cowboys Defense – D – $4300 – Cowboys only allowed 16 points to the Redskins the last time they played. The Redskins don’t need this game so maybe we see RG III running around like a maniac again getting sacked.

So there you have it. $60,000 spent and the most wonderful WR Trifecta ever assembled. Feel free to replace any one of those WRs with Odell Beckham Jr. but do so at your own risk. You could also replace Ben Roethlisberger with Matt Ryan and use that saved money at Tight End, RB, or Defense. Thank you for reading my thoughts this year and I hope I was able to give you a player or two to use in your lineups. Please follow me on twitter @QuickRotoTips for any last minute advice or start/sit questions.