By Brian Quick

Hey Fanduelers, week 8 and the World Series is upon us. Let’s get right to it. Here are your FanDuel quick picks for tournament style contests.


Quick Tip #1 – Todd Gurley – RB – Rams – $8100 – I am going to ride the Gurley train for as long as I can. I know in most tournaments Gurley was used in a ridiculous amount of lineups. That is annoying but if you don’t use him then you could be behind 50% plus of the people. I’m using him again this week as I expect him to dominate the 49ers. I also see the Rams Defense torturing Colin Kaepernick and the Rams running the ball a lot with a nice comfortable lead. Last week Gurley rushed for 128 yards with 2 TDs and even caught 4 passes for 35 yards. He can do it all and you should base your week 8 lineups around him for this is probably the last week you can buy him for under $9000.

Quick Tip #2 – Mike Evans – WR – Tampa Bay ($7800) – Finally, the Mike Evans week I’ve been waiting for all season. He’s here to stay and I like his price as it is about $1000 less than the top names. The Falcons should put up lots of points forcing the Bucs to throw a ton playing come from behind. Evans had 12 targets and 8 receptions for a total of 164 yards with a TD. I expect his targets to go up this week into DeAndre Hopkins territory. I can see him doing what Hopkins has done in all the weeks prior to this past week.

Quick Tip #3 Chris Johnson – RB – Arizona ($7300)
It is so painful to type Chris Johnson’s name here. I’m playing a game called “follow the RB who plays the Brown’s defense”. I would also suspect that many people won’t play Chris Johnson because it’s just so hard to believe he’s good again. So what you get is a RB that should dominate a terrible run defense on a team that should be up a lot of points and run a lot with the lead. Last week he registered 18 carries and gained 122 yards while adding one TD. I wonder if I have the stomach to keep him in my lineups through deadline time on Sunday.

Quick Tip #4 – Rams Defense – D – ($5100)
I’m gladly paying the $600 fare hike for the Rams D this weekend. They should have been $5100 last week and were not. They should be $5300 this week but I’m paying whatever it is. Many people will take the Falcons D, Cardinals D, or the Jets D (don’t do it). I think the Falcons/Bucs game is going to be one of those crazy divisional games with back and forth scoring. I think the Jets going out west after an emotional loss to the Pats is going to end badly for the Jets. I like the Cardinals D and think they are a safe play. Which brings us back to my favorite D..the Rams. I can’t wait until they sack Colin Kaepernick 7 times, force 3 fumbles, intercept 3 passes, and run back 2 punts. Last week’s 4 sacks, 4 forced fumbles with recoveries, and one DTD was good for 25 FanDuel points. Sign me up for a repeat performance.

Quick Tip #5 -TY Hilton ($7700) or Donte Moncreif ($6400)- WR – Colts – Wait until later in the week to find out which WR Panther stud cornerback Josh Norman will be covering and then choose the WR he’s not. Last week TY Hilton went 4-150, was targeted 15 times, had two monster catches for TDs while Moncreif had a quiet game until he salvaged his week by scoring a late TD. The Colts look bad, their running game is useless, so expect Andrew Luck to run around trying to make plays through the air.


Below are 5 longshots that have a chance to hit this week along with a small blurb about each one and their Fanduel price. Adding any one of these guys is like adding a longshot into horse racing exacta or trifecta.

Charles Sims – RB – $5100 – If the Bucs/Falcons game goes as I see it the Bucs will be throwing a lot. Sims is their past catching back and he is quite productive at that. In a catch up situation, or even collecting garbage time points, I’m going to use Sims in a lineup or two this week. Before last week he had three weeks in a row of 12 plus points. Not bad for $5100.

Kendall Wright – WR – $5900 – Sure the Titans offense is dreadful, but have you seen the Texans defense?! The Texans have the look of a team that has completely given up. The Titans will have to pass after Hopkins catches his three TD passes and Wright could be a sneaky play. He did have a respectful 8 targets last weeks, 4-48, and a TD.

Khiry Robinson – RB – $5200- 14 carries and 2 TDs last week. I think the Giants are in trouble on the road this week with their ever disappearing run defense. The vulture will annoy you if you choose Ingram instead.

Marvin Jones – WR – $5400 – He seems real cheap at this price coming off of a 9 catch 12 target performance his last time out. He screws me every time I play him but that doesn’t mean he will screw you.

Duke Johnson – RB – $5800 – The Browns are going to be losing and Duke Johnson is going to be catching passes. He caught 7-73 last week so expect the same or better this week. If he can just squeeze out a TD somehow he’d be a great value for you.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read this. Remember, this is early week advice, so make sure you read up as the week goes on and make necessary changes to your lineups before game times. Please follow me on twitter @QuickRotoTips.