By Brian Quick

Hey Fanduelers, all eight of you in South Dakota that are still allowed to play by law. We are coming to the legal crossroads of DFS and history is not on our side. Unless of course that history is the American revolution but that took a lot of work. We play fantasy football for a reason. We are all too busy, lazy, and tired to play real sports. Will we organize and revolt if they take it all away from us? Thanks to the internet we can! Let us revolt from the comfort of our own reclining chairs when the time comes in the near future. I encourage all of you to reach out to your politicians and let them know that DFS may not be perfect but it’s our way of life. Would our founding fathers have shown off their skill by selecting D’Angelo Williams and Antonio Brown last week? Your damn right they would and they wouldn’t let the British stop them from playing DFS. Why should we?

PLAYER PICKS FOR WEEK 10 Tournament Style

Quick Tip #1 – Aaron Rodgers – QB – Packers – ($9200)
I don’t love spending big on a QB because it’s the easiest position to find value at. However, I don’t love the matchups that the mid-tier QBs have and I’m tentative to take either of the two long shots that I will mention below. I was deciding between Tom Brady vs. the Giants porous secondary or a mad Aaron Rodgers vs. a god-awful Lions team at home. I’m going with Rodgers because I expect him to put up huge numbers with ease. The Packers can’t fool around as they’ve lost two games in a row. They will come out and blow away the Lions and they won’t take their foot off of the gas. Rogers will complete less passes than last week but his yardage numbers should go up and his TDS should range between 3-5. I expect a 400+ yard game with 4 TDs. You have to pay the price but that’s OK as I see value at other positions.

Quick Tip #2 – Todd Gurley – RB – Rams ($9200) –
Taking the top two most expensive players seems crazy but trust me, the value picks are there are great value picks in the WR category and for your second RB. Gurley faced a tough Vikes D last week and still post respectable numbers of 89 rushing yards and TD to go with 3 catches for 20 yards. The Bears have actually been better than I thought they’d be but this will be a back to back road game for them in a short week. This is where we see the bad bears. They just won’t be able to contain Gurley and I can see him breaking big run after big run.

Quick Tip #3 James Starks – RB – Packers ($6000)
Value. Eddie Lacy stinks. James Starks is the man. If you wasted a pick on Lacy or spent a lot of money on him in an auction draft it is just another reminder why FanDuel is so popular. Starks is going to put up all sorts of numbers this week as the Packers have their way with the Lions. Last week Starks caught 6 passes for 83 yards and a TD, while rushing for 39 yards on 10 carries. The carries are going to go up, the TDs are going to go up, and the passing yards should be the same. ALL FOR $6000! This offsets some of the Rogers (or Brady) and Gurley investment.

Quick Tip #4 – Martavis Bryant – WR – ($6500)
Landry Jones likes to throw to Bryant more than Antonio Brown. Take a look back to weeks 6 and 7 where Jones threw to Bryant for 3 TDs and especially week 6 where they torched the Cardinals D for 137 yards. All the while Antonio Brown wasn’t doing much. To me, this is like getting Antonio Brown for $6500 assuming Landry Jones doesn’t fall apart. It’s a home game vs. the Browns so he should be ok. Great Value.

Quick Tip #5 – Davante Adams – WR – Packers ($5800)
Adams is the guy that needed to step up and be Jordy Nelson. Last week he caught 7 of his 11 targets for 93 yards. He is finally healthy and his value was so bad that he is only back up to $5800. This is his breakout week. He fits so nicely in lineups and his upside this week makes it hard to contain my excitement.


Below are 5 long shots that have a chance to hit this week along with a small blurb about each one and their Fanduel price. Adding any one of these guys is like adding a long shot into horse racing exacta or trifecta.

Landry Jones – QB – $6200 – I’m going to play him in one lineup because I think at that price it’s worth it for the few bombs to Bryant.

Kirk Cousins – QB – $6500 – The Saints give up ridiculous amounts of passing yards and TDs. They’ve done that at home the past two weeks. What are they going to be like on the road? Tempting to take Cousins.

Rueben Randle – WR – $5700- I assume that Belichick will take Odell Beckham Jr. out of this game. I believe the Giants will be trailing and playing catchup all day. This could be one of those once every year huge games for Randle.

Jordan Reed – TE -$5800 – In my mind he is going to do what Delane Walker did to the Saints last week. In reality, he will get hurt in the first quarter and disappoint me yet again.

Pierre Garcon – WR – $6400 – If my plan to use players playing the Saints awful defense fails I can live with that. Last week he caught four passes on eight targets for 70 yards. I want to use Desean Jackson but feel he’s one hamstring tweak from doing nothing. Garcon is the safer bet here.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read this. Remember, this is early week advice, so make sure you read up as the week goes on and make necessary changes to your lineups before game times. Please follow me on twitter @QuickRotoTips.