FanDuel Quick Picks for NFL DFS Week 6

By Brian Quick

Hey Fanduelers, glad it has been a much quieter start to this week than last. I hope you didn’t all play Jamaal Charles and pick the Chiefs in your Suicide/Knockout pools like I did. Funny how I can get over the death of a family cat in three hours but I’m still upset about the destruction Charles did to my lineups and Knockout Pools two days later! Here is my weekly first look at some potential options and longshots for this week in FanDuel tournament style games. The purpose here is to provide you with some early impressions and then for you to investigate further as the week goes on.


Quick Tip #1 – Cincinnati Bengals D/ST ($4700) – I always spend time thinking about defenses in FanDuel. As I’ve previously mentioned, every time I’ve been in the money my defense has kicked ass. Tyrod Taylor is expected to be out for the Bills this weekend which would leave EJ Manuel as their starting QB. Combine that with the shaky RB and WR situations and you have yourself a great defense in the making. The Bengals D has been getting to the QB so far this year with 15 sacks in the first 5 games. They should have a lead in this game which would force EJ Manuel into throwing the ball more which should provide the Bengals D ample opportunities to score points.

Quick Tip #2 – Danny Woodhead – RB – Chargers ($6000) – There’s no better feeling than having a player in your lineup that specializes in catching passes and seeing that said players team trailing big and trying to play catchup. If you’ve had DeAndre Hopkins this year in your lineups than you know exactly what I’m talking about. This week, on a short week, the Chargers will travel to Green Bay where they will be trailing early and often. Trying to play catch up, they will rely on Danny Woodhead. Last week, he was second on the Chargers in receiving yards totaling 66, with 5 catches. This week, I expect him to have season highs in targets, catches, and yards. If he can break one and get into the endzone the $6000 investment would be lucrative.

Quick Tip #3 Tom Brady – QB – Patriots ($9000)
Anyone can tell you to pick Tom Brady this week. I’d like to be that person who tells you to do so. I love the fact that it’s a nationally televised event with completely inflated balls. You know Tom Brady wants to take those inflated balls and throw 5 touchdown passes so the entire world can see that balls don’t matter. Andrew Luck’s return will only help matters as he should keep the Colts within enough range for Brady to keep on throwing.

Quick Tip #4 – CJ Anderson – RB – Denver ($6600)
To win big money you have to gamble, I mean, show your skill a little bit. CJ Anderson has done nothing all year. Last week, his 11 rushing attempts for 22 yards and 2 receptions for 18 yards hardly exudes confidence. Denver knows it needs to establish the running game and the Browns are terrible against the run. His price has dropped to a level where this week may be the time to throw him in one of your lineups. I will put him in a $5 tournament but probably won’t have the guts to put him in anything higher.

Quick Tip #5 – TY Hilton – WR – Colts – ($7400) – Make sure Andrew Luck is playing this week before you commit to Hilton. Those two have yet to have an explosive week and the table is set for this to be the week. Luck should be back in action, motivated, at home, in front of a national audience where he wants to perform much better than the last time he played the Pats. The last time Luck and Hilton played together TY had 94 receiving yards and 4 catches. This week, the Colts will have to keep pace with the Patriots so those numbers should both increase.


Below are 5 longshots that have a chance to hit this week along with a small blurb about each one and their Fanduel price. Adding any one of these guys is like adding a longshot into horse racing exacta or trifecta.

Theo Riddick – RB – $5000 – A knock could be that he only plays on passing downs when the Lions are losing. Well, when aren’t the Lions losing? Last week he had 10 catches for 53 yards and a TD. Fumble connoisseur Ameer Abdullah will still be involved in the passing game but Riddick and a favorable Bears matchup could make you look really smart.

Marquess Wilson – WR – $5400 – 8 targets for 85 yards and a touchdown last week. He has the size to impersonate Alshon Jeffery and the favorable matchup vs. the woeful Lions. If Jeffery is out this week do not hesitate to use Wilson and spend elsewhere.

Dwayne Harris – WR – $5300- 6 receptions for 72 yards last week combined with Odell Beckham and Rueben Randle both nursing injuries makes for an interesting play. One tweak of the injury by either would mean an uptick in targets for Harris.

Brian Hoyer – QB – $6700 – Looking for this week’s Josh McCown? Perhaps it is Brian Hoyer coming off of a 24-31-312 slashline with 2 TDs vs. the Texans. Perhaps you will play him and Ryan Mallet is playing by the second quarter. High risk, high reward.

Javorius Allen – RB – $5100 – He had a nice big run last game and finished with 8 rushes for 58 yards. Monitor the health status of Justin Forsett and Lorenzo Taliaferro. If they are both out this week then you have some great value here at this price.

Part of me is tempted to use all of these longshots and field a lineup with $4000 left over. The one advantage to that would be that I would have players that are not used by other players in high percentages. The other part of me knows that I don’t have the guts to do it. I’ll toss all of these guys in a $1 tournament for the sake of experimentation and let you know how it turns out in next week’s article.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read this. Remember, this is early week advice, so make sure you read up as the week goes on and make necessary changes to your lineups before game times. Please follow me on twitter @QuickRotoTips and feel free to offer feedback or to blame me if you take some of my advice and it all goes terribly. Good Luck.