DraftKings Golf Millionaire Maker

Everyone who has ever bought a lottery ticket has thought about winning the big prize.  You sit in your car for just a second longer thinking about how much you could actually do when you cash that ticket in.  Every time there’s Millionaire Maker Contest almost every DFS player goes through the same thing.  Only they also think about the notoriety and insta-celebrity status it will give them with the grinders as well as the life-changing money.  Every lineup I will set for this contest will have me picturing a million dollar sweat on Sunday.

The addition of golf was looked at as a secondary sport, or niche if you will, by many when it was announced, but making the Majors Millionaire Makers has upped the profile of this DFS option.  I have always loved betting on Golf and have followed it closely since Jack Nicklaus was still winning Majors.  The ability to track all of the vital statistics in golf was always used for betting purposes, but now it’s becoming vital for DFS players as well.  There are so many good sites and shows for research, including premium ones, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse at my preliminary DraftKings Pricing Sheet that I color coded for the players I’m targeting in Green, Players I will have in Line-Ups in Yellow, and Players I’m fading in Red.  Some of the Players in black still interest me, but not at the price or there are better options available.

For now I’m going to just put out a little bit of content here and there with PGA DFS, but soon I will be putting out more.  I also will have Pat Mayo on the podcast coming up talk a little about PGA DFS as well as the upcoming Fantasy Football Season.

Brittish Open Top GroupBritish Open Second GroupBrittish Open Third GroupBritish Open Fourth GroupBritish Open Fifth GroupBritish Open Last Group.

Below is an example Dustin Johnson Lineup.

Example Dustin Johnson Lineup