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Well Super Bowl Sunday may seem a little too early for the average Fantasy Football player, but for me and my friends it was perfect timing.  The Fantasy Taz, Jim Day, invited some of his buddies in the industry to participate in his 1st Draft Master of 2014 and I was lucky enough to get an invite.  Even though I was busy making Baked Rigatoni for buddies Super Bowl party and chasing my little ones around, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from seeing where this year’s break out stars may end up in next year’s drafts.  Without further build up here’s each roster and a link to each GM followed by some draft notes that are my opinion as we drafted Super Bowl Sunday.


(1 – RB1)Charles, J
(12 – WR12)Brown, A
(1 – RB11)Murray, D
(12 – RB22)Gore, F
(1 – RB23)Moreno, K
(12 – TE5) Davis, V
(1 – WR32)Edelman, J
(12 – WR42)Blackmon, J
(1 – WR43)Williams, T
(12 – Def1)Seahawks, S
(1 – TE13)Walker, D
(12 – RB50)Davis, K
(1 – QB20)Flacco, J
(12 – QB23)Manuel, E
(1 – WR62)Givens, C
(12 – PK12)Gould, R

Grant was drafting directly in front of me and behind me in every round so I had to pay close attention to his roster construction to see who he may let slide to me.  Charles seems to be the consensus 1st overall pick in all the conversations I have had in the off season and Grant made that official here.  DeMarco Murray at the top of the 3rd was a nice pick.  Without rookies being involved all you can do is project O-lines that are going to be solid and the Cowboys have a nice base with Frederick and Smith.  Gore has been “SLOW” and steady the last few years, but this could finally be the off season he is usurped in the 49ers backfield.  If he isn’t then that pick is solid.  The same goes for Moreno who is a free agent after having a career year for the Broncos.  Vernon Davis at the bottom of the 6th is nice value, but Blackmon at the bottom of the 8th is a bit of a gamble.  You figure Blackmon’s ADP was around the 10th round with a 4 game suspension last off season.  With his suspension not yet lifted it’s tough to spend more than a 10th right now.  At the bottom of the 10th the Seahawks were the first D/ST taken.  No problem taking them in this format, but as you will see later other fine D’s went a few rounds later.


(2 – RB2) McCoy, L
(11 – WR11)Jones, J
(2 – QB2)Rodgers, A
(11 – RB21)Richardson, T
(2 – WR23)Wright, K
(11 – TE4)Gronkowski, R
(2 – RB30) Miller, L
(11 – TE8) Pitta, D
(2 – WR44)Williams, M
(11 – WR50)Hunter, J
(2 – RB43)Jennings, R
(11 – WR55)Jones, J
(2 – WR56)Streater, R
(11 – Def4)Panthers, C
(2 – PK1)Gostkowski, S
(11 – QB26)Bradford, S
LeSean McCoy is 1-B for me to start the year and there was no passing him up here.  At the bottom of the 2nd round I got my number 4 rated WR, Julio Jones, who happened to slip because MFL has his ADP way low.  I actually had to look him up alphabetically so that’s a heads ups he may slip in early MFL 10s.  At the top of the 3rd I got hand-cuffed by the clock and took Aaron Rodgers.  Again I was looking for an injured player whose ADP was low.  I couldn’t find Doug Martin fast enough so I went with Rodgers who I think is going to have a huge season after getting injured in 2013.  In the bottom of the 4th I had to take a gamble on T-Rich.  Gronk at the bottom of the 6th was a gamble, but I had a back-up plan with Pitta only two rounds later.  Pitta with Kubiak as OC should be fun.  Hunter in the 10th is one of those 2nd year wide receivers I expect to break out.  11-13 was all about value for me.  James Jones, Rashad Jennings, and Rod Streater are all guys that I expect to go much higher later in the year.

Jason Weiler – MidwestXpress

(3 – RB3) Peterson, A
(10 – WR10) Nelson, J
(3 – WR13) Garcon, P
(10 – WR22) Welker, W
(3 – WR24) Bowe, D
(10 – RB29) McFadden, D
(3 – QB8) Brady, T
(10 – WR41) Amendola, D
(3 – RB36) Ivory, C
(10 – RB42) Ridley, S
(3 – RB44) Wilson, D
(10 – TE19) Fleener, C
(3 – TE20) Cook, J
(10 – Def3) Rams, S
(3 – TE23) Pettigrew, B
(10 – PK11) Janikowski, S

Jason took AP with the third pick and I can’t argue much with that.  Last season it was tough to pass up on him at 1st overall and this year it looks like the 3rd overall pick is where it will be tough to pass on him.  Jason decided to go on a wide receiver run in rounds 2 through 5 that may leave him very vulnerable at RB.  McFadden in round 6 was his 2nd RB and there is no guarantee he starts any where next year.  Fleener, Cook and Pettigrew were all tight ends I was looking to avoid this early in the off-season.


(4 – WR1) Johnson, C
(9 – QB1) Manning, P
(4 – RB12) Spiller, C
(9 – RB20) Stacy, Z
(4 – TE2) Thomas, J
(9 – WR31) Wallace, M
(4 – RB31) Tate, B
(9 – WR40) Maclin, J
(4 – RB37) Brown, A
(9 – TE12) Green, L
(4 – QB16) Manning, E
(9 – WR54) Moore, D
(4 – RB51) Greene, S
(9 – WR61) Tate, G
(4 – Def5) Bills, B
(9 – PK10) Tucker, J

The Street Free Agent went with my personal favorite Calvin Johnson at 4 overall.  I simply love that guy in Best Ball full point PPR leagues.  Manning in the 2nd slightly influenced my later pick of Rodgers.  Stacy in the fourth was huge value based on what we saw from Stacy last season.  i like the picks of Tate and Maclin in the 7th and the 8th.  Depending on where they end up they could be very valuable assets.  Ladarius Green in the 10th was one of those picks where the draft room groaned.  Many of us were targeting him just a few rounds later.  Golden Tate in the 14th could prove to be a great pick as well.  If he ends up in the right situation he could out play his draft position by leaps and bounds.


(5 – WR2) Green, A
(8 – RB10) Bush, R
(5 – WR14) Johnson, A
(8 – QB3) Brees, D
(5 – RB24) Jackson, S
(8 – TE3) Witten, J
(5 – RB32) Woodhead, D
(8 – WR39) Nicks, H
(5 – WR45) Stills, K
(8 – RB41) Thomas, P
(5 – WR51) Wheaton, M
(8 – TE18) Gates, A
(5 – QB21) Palmer, C
(8 – RB58) Helu, R
(5 – Def6) Cardinals, A
(8 – PK9) Bailey, DDave went AJ Green at 5th overall and this could be a trend come later in the off season.  Reggie Bush is a tough one for me to figure out right now.  He could lose a lot more carries to Bell or the starters job all together, but if he plays like last year than he’s a great pick.  Brees at that spot in the 4th makes me feel like this was a true late off season mock draft.  Woodhead in the 7th was a little early for me, ut you can’t argue with his production in a full point PPR league.  Wheaton in the 11th round could be a break out 2nd year WR candidate.  That was a nice upside pick.


(6 – TE1) Graham, J
(7 – RB9) Bell, L
(6 – RB13) Martin, D
(7 – RB19) Foster, A
(6 – WR25)Crabtree, M
(7 – WR30) Smith, T
(6 – QB9) Stafford, M
(7 – WR38) Harvin, P
(6 – RB38) Ellington, A
(7 – WR49)Sanders, E
(6 – WR52) Woods, R
(7 – RB49)Robinson, K
(6 – TE21) Ertz, Z
(7 – Def2) 49ers, S
(6 – PK2) Prater, M
(7 – QB24) Smith, GShane started off with Jimmy Graham at the 6th pick and that should be right around where he goes if he fully recovers from his foot injury this season.  The rest of Shane’s draft was awesome.  It was like he was working off his own list.  Value in every round.  I mean Harvin in the 8th round.  I guarantee he’s going in the top of the 3rd come late off season.  Ellington in the 9th.  Some of us were asleep at the wheel to let him pick off all this talent.  Good for Shane and hopefully this will help me set up some of my early off season MFL 10 drafts on myfantasyleague.com.


(7 – RB4) Forte, M
(6 – WR9) Cobb, R
(7 – RB14)Bernard, G
(6 – RB18)Mathews, R
(7 – WR26)Patterson, C
(6 – WR29) Floyd, M
(7 – WR33)Shorts, C
(6 – QB11)Kaepernick, C
(7 – TE9) Olsen, G
(6 – QB15) Rivers, P
(7 – TE14) Allen, D
(6 – RB48)Michael, C
(7 – RB52)Stewart, J
(6 – WR60) Bailey, S
(7 – Def7)Buccaneers, T
(6 – PK8) Sturgis, CI really liked Andy’s draft as well.  There was value all over the place starting with Matt Forte in the 1st round.  Some of my favorite picks were Bernard in the 3rd, Patterson in the 5th, and Allen in the 11th.  I really like Bernard this season with Hue Jackson as his OC, and Patterson showed enough raw ability to make him look like a future top 6 receiver.  Allen is a guy I love and hope bounces back from a major hip injury.  Two potential top 10 QBs in the 8th and the 10th is nothing to sneeze at either.


(8 – WR3)Bryant, D
(5 – WR8)Fitzgerald, L
(8 – WR15)White, R
(5 – RB17)Vereen, S
(8 – RB25)Sproles, D
(5 – WR28)Colston, M
(8 – WR34)Austin, T
(5 – QB10)Griffin III, R
(8 – QB12)Wilson, R
(5 – RB40)Jackson, F
(8 – TE15)Eifert, T
(5 – TE17)Fauria, J
(8 – WR57)Smith, S
(5 – RB57)Richardson, D
(8 – Def8)Bengals, C
(5 – PK7)Bryant, MJohn definitely had a plan when he came into this draft. WR-WR was the way for him, and I like that plan down here, BUT I am not a huge fan of Fitzgerald over some of the WRs that were left on the board.  After going WR again in the 3rd, Beckler decided to go PPR RB back to back with Vereen and Sproles.  Vereen I love, but Sproles worries me.  He played injured last year and he needs to be healthy to perform.  In the 11th and 12th 2nd year TE were his guilty pleasure.  Eifert and Fauria are both guys that could make huge strides next year.  Nice gambles.


(9 – RB5)Lynch, M
(4 – WR7)Decker, E
(9 – WR16)Jeffery, A
(4 – WR21)Hilton, T
(9 – RB26)Jones-Drew, M
(4 – QB7)Foles, N
(9 – RB33)Brown, D
(4 – WR37)Hartline, B
(9 – RB39)Blount, L
(4 – WR48)Cooper, R
(9 – TE16)Clay, C
(4 – WR53)Holmes, A
(9 – QB22)Tannehill, R
(4 – WR59)Jernigan, J
(9 – PK3)Dawson, P
(4 – Def11)Colts, IBruce went with Lynch in the 1st round and that’s a very solid pick.  Decker in the 2nd was a bit of a reach for me.  Jeffrey in the 3rd made up for it though.  Foles in the 6th was very nice value for a potential top 5 QB.  Donald Brown in the 7th and Blount in the 9th are two guys that need to wind up in the right spot in the off season to make them worthy of being drafted before the 10th round.  They could pan out though if put in the right situation.


(10 – RB6)Lacy, E
(3 – WR6)Thomas, D
(10 – WR17)Cruz, V
(3 – RB16) Ball, M
(10 – RB27)Bell, J
(3 – QB6)Newton, C
(10 – WR35)Boldin, A
(3 – WR36)Jennings, G
(10 – TE10)Bennett, M
(3 – WR47)Jones, M
(10 – RB45)Lattimore, M
(3 – QB19)Romo, T
(10 – RB53)Rodgers, J
(3 – TE22)Daniels, O
(10 – PK4)Hauschka, S
(3 – Def10)Bears, CJim picked two of my favorite players in the 1st and 2nd rounds.  Eddie Lacy is a beast and the only thing that caps his potential is all the touchdowns that Aaron Rodgers wants to throw. Thomas was a steady force at the WR position in 2013 and I don’t see him slowing down any time soon with Manning still under center.  Victor Cruz was picked right around that same spot late in the off season last year, but injuries and the Giants O-line woes killed his year.  Big time candidate for a bounce back.  Ball was a bit of a gamble in the 4th, but if he gets to be the lead back in Denver then that’s a steal.  Newton in the 6th is an almost automatic.


(11 – WR4)Gordon, J
(2 – WR5)Marshall, B
(11 – RB15)Johnson, C
(2 – WR20)Allen, K
(11 – QB4)Ryan, M
(2 – RB28)Todman, J
(11 – RB34)Ingram, M
(2 – TE7) Reed, J
(11 – QB13)Cutler, J
(2 – QB14)Roethlisberger, B
(11 – QB17)Dalton, A
(2 – RB47)Hunter, K
(11 – RB54)Mendenhall, R
(2 – RB56)Brown, B
(11 – WR63)Patton, Q
(2 – PK6) Walsh, BDish went WR-WR and I love who he came out of the first two rounds with.  Gordon and Marshall can be a fantasy championship back bone.  Allen in the 4th might be a steal come later in the off-season.  Jordan Reed in the 8th was a nice pick, but I can’t explain or support taking four QBs in this format.  That’s just craziness when only 1 scores each week.


(12 – RB7)Rice, R
(1 – RB8)Morris, A
(12 – WR18)Jackson, V
(1 – WR19)Jackson, D
(12 – WR27)Hopkins, D
(1 – QB5)Luck, A
(12 – TE6)Cameron, J
(1 – RB35)Pierce, B
(12 – WR46)Randle, R
(1 – TE11)Wright, T
(12 – RB46)Williams, D
(1 – QB18)Smith, A
(12 – RB55)Rainey, B
(1 – WR58)Johnson, S
(12 – Def9)Chiefs, K
(1 – PK5)Zuerlein, G

@Bro1ncos went RB-RB at the bottom of the first and I didn’t love the picks.  Morris proved to not be worthy of a high top 14 pick in full point PPR leagues because he was so TD dependent his rookie year.  Rice is blaming injury for his lack of production, but it was a bit of that coupled with a very poor Baltimore O-line that held him back.  Rueben Randle in the 9th was an interesting pick because he could (and should) be the WR2 for the Giants after they let Nicks walk.  Vincent and DeSean Jackson were nice high variance WRs in the 3rd and 4th, but he should have come back with a consistent WR in the 5th instead of gambling on Hopkins.

Who Do You Think Rocked DraftMaster 1?