DFS Legality and Steve Rannazzisi 911 Lie PodcastMichael Stein of FantasyJudgment.com

While Renee Miller was unavailable to come on the podcast this week, I decided to talk about some current topics in the fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports industries.  My good friend Michael Stein of FantasyJudgment.com stopped by the podcast to lend his expertise in both areas of discussion this week.  First we look at the question of legality when it comes to DFS and then we delve into the 911 survivor lie told by Steve Rannazzisi of FX’s The League.  I felt that Michael was the perfect person to talk about the legal question marks with DFS because of his day job as a lawyer and also because he actually lived through the horrors that terrible day just over 14 years ago.

Some Links on DFS Legality:

The Steve Rannazzisi 911 Lie: