FanDuel Quick Picks for Week 2 NFL DFS

Week 1, or the information week as I often think of it, is complete. The information accrued is essential for not only week 2, but for the entire season. Things change rapidly in the NFL. If you won last week that’s great, but Fanduel has a funny way of humbling you quickly. Here are this […]

Fanduel Quick Picks 2016 Week 1

By Brian Quick

Praise Jesus football is back! That was a scary seven months. While fantasy football leagues with your old buddies, new buddies, and work buddies is fun I can’t lie to myself anymore. DFS leagues are way more interesting. Week one can be very tricky as there […]

MLB DFS FanDuel Stacks for 4/22/2016

I won’t have time to put up articles for FanDuel that often , but when I do have time I will throw them up.

The chalk stack tonight is the Arizona Diamondbacks against Jonathan Niese and the Pittsbrugh Pirates.

You can split stack or straight stack depending on your other plays.

1-6 have solid match ups and prices

1- […]

Fantasy Hockey Waiver Wire Week 25

The playoffs are still underway for most leagues and in order to advance into the next round – you need some strategic adds and drops. I will not only cover what players you should add and drop but also mix in some strategy in this week’s Fantasy Hockey Waiver Wire.

It’s easy. Games played equals opportunity. […]

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FanDuel Quick Picks for Week 17

FanDuel Quick Picks For Week 17
Tournament Style
Congratulations to all of you who have won your respective fantasy championships in your home leagues. There is no better feeling than to defeat your high school buddies, college friends, co-workers, grandparents, wives, or whomever you competed against. The money is always secondary to the trophy or bragging rights. […]

FanDuel Quick Picks for Week 15

FanDuel Quick Picks For Week 15
Tournament Style
Some of you may have advanced to the semi-finals of your fantasy football playoffs. For the rest of us, like myself who’ve been eliminated, we can now turn our full attention to our FanDuel lineups, where every week feels like the playoffs. Here are your first look quick picks […]

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FanDuel Quick Picks For Week 13

FanDuel Quick Picks For Week 13
Tournament Style
Time flies when you’re allowed to enjoy your God given right to play DFS fantasy football. It’s week 13 already and we’re at that stage where RBs that weren’t drafted in the first ten rounds, if at all in your regular fantasy leagues, are top options. Here are your […]

Week 12 FanDuel NFL DFS Podcast with Nick Mensio

Week 12 FanDuel NFL DFS Podcast with Nick Mensio
Nick Mensio (@NickMensio) of and contributor to DFSBootcamp joins me to talk NFL DFS Week 12 FanDuel. We discuss the stacks we like in GPPs and cash games (Brain Hoyer and DeAndre Hopkins, Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald, Derek Carr and Amari Cooper, Eli Manning and […]

FanDuel NFL DFS Quick Picks For Thanksgiving Slate

By Brian Quick
FanDuel NFL DFS Quick Picks For Thanksgiving Slate
Thanksgiving is upon us. My favorite new Thanksgiving tradition is to play FanDuel games on turkey day. Nothing helps you tune out relatives’ stories about gluten free stuffing or Uncle Walter’s gall bladder surgery, better than our warm friend FanDuel. The following is player advice for […]

FanDuel Quick Picks for Week 11 NFL DFS

PLAYER PICKS FOR WEEK 11 Tournament Style

I fear the end is near. Today, I could not access FanDuel from my Verizon 4G network. I can only use FanDuel using WiFi so that they can verify that I’m not in a restricted state. Let’s just enjoy what little time left we have together.

Quick Tip #1 […]

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