2017 PGA One and Done
Hosted by Coachesser and Pat Mayo

2017 PGA One and Done will run from the Sony Open on January 12th to the Tour Championship on September 21st.  It will include 35 tournaments while skipping the secondary events, played at the same time as the WGC Events, and skipping the Zurich Classic (Which has gone to a team format).  Full Schedule is at the bottom of the page.

The Entry Fee is 50 Beans* and it is Multi-Entry Eligible.  Beans are payable using PayPal’s Friends and Family setting and sending to coachesser@gmail.com.  You can also use a check to pay for the tournament.  Email coachesser@gmail.com for how to pay by check.  Payment is due by February 1st 2017.  All payments should be made before the Pool starts.

Lone Wolf Stipulation-  This year’s Pool has the Lone Wolf stipulation which will pay a contestant double the $ won by their pick if they are the only entry to pick that player for the week.  For Example:  If you were the only one to pick Cody Gribble at the Sony Open and he made the cut, you would get 2x the $ he won that week.  Lone Wolf goes by entry and not by person as this is Multi-Entry.  So if you had two entries and picked Cody Gribble on both of them and no one else picked Cody Gribble you would not be eligible for Lone Wolf and 2x the $ earned by Gribble.

The Pool is run using Google Forms and Sheets.  Emails are sent out every Monday with updated Standings and the Form for the next tournament.  Picks are due by Midnight Eastern Time the day before the tournament starts.  So if the Tournament is a Thursday Start, your picks are due by Midnight on Wednesday Night or Thursday morning.  This is Eastern Time Zone Sensitive.  No picks are accepted after the Deadline.  Picks can be changed up until the deadline.  I highly encourage sending a copy of your picks to Coachesserpools@gmail.com as insurance.  With over 800 people in the field, we are going to have some people Fat Finger some picks.

Picks are made using Google Forms.  Confirmations should be automated from Google, but I’ve had issues with this so your best bet is to back up your picks to the above-mentioned email.  On the Form you will pick your Team Name from a list (Try and remember your team name), then you will Pick your Primary Golfer (You must keep track of your picks as the Forms won’t know who you have used before) , then you will pick a Backup Golfer (Only used if your golfer WDs before the tournament, DQ’s are not eligible for you to use your backup), and then fill in your email. (For notification, if it works)

RULES FOR WDS and Backups Below.  Changed after Torrey Pines.

Your Primary Golfer is who you are going to use that week.  The backup is only for if that Primary Golfer WDs prior to hitting a shot in the tournament.  If your Primary Golfer WDs because of illness or injury before hitting a shot, he is eligible to be used again at another tournament.  Obviously, make sure the backup golfer you choose is not someone you have already used as a Primary Golfer in a tournament.

Keep Track of your picks!  Use an Excel sheet or a marble notebook for you older folks to keep track of who you picked.

A Copy of the Week’s picks are sent out on Thursday Mornings (to late afternoons).  They will be listed by Team Name in Alphabetical order.  Lone Wolf eligible Picks will be highlighted.

Standings will be shown on Google Sheets.  You will be able to see your place.  There will be another page that will have the tournaments listed across the top from left to right.  The teams will be listed down the left-hand side with the player you picked and how much money you won listed next to your team and under the tournament.  Your names will be in Red if you haven’t paid.  Initial Accounting will be done by the weekend of the Sony.  If there is a mistake in the accounting please let me know.

Standings are calculated using Official Money Won by the PGA Tour. Issues can arise if a player WDs in a no-cut event and wins money, but no official money.  Be careful when amatuers are in the field.  Amatuers don’t make $.  We only count official money.  Fed Ex Bonus Money does not count towards this.  Only tournament winnings.


1st=  38% of the Pot
2nd= 21.5%
3rd=  11%
4th=   6.5%
5th=   5.5%
6th=   4.5%
7th=   3.5%
8th=   2.5%
9th=   2%
10th= 1.5%
11th thru 15th = .7%

Tie Breakers:
1st Tie Breaker-  The Total Amount Won by the player at the four Majors (The Master, US Open, Open Championship, and PGA Championship)
2nd Tie Breaker- The 1st Tie Breaker and The Players Championship.
3rd Tie Breaker- the 1st Tie Breaker and 2nd Tie Breaker and the Fed Ex Cup Total won from the four tournaments.

Best of luck in 2017 in all your PGA Tour endeavors (Masters bets anyone)

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