Episode 055 The Fantasy Coach Podcast

2015 NFL 1st Round Mock Draft Podcast

Featuring Arif Hasan (@ArifHasanNFL) of VikingsTerritory.com, BR, Optimimum Scouting, The Norse Code Podcast among others.

Aif and I go back and forth drafting for each team 1-32 (and yes, even the Browns twice!) and talk about team needs, player profiles and the fantasy football potential of some of the best offensive players in this draft.  We especially focus on the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings when those picks come up, but we spend quite a bit of time on every team so make sure you hang out for the entire 2 and a 1/2 hours to catch it all.  Stay tuned as we revisit this topic before the draft and see if our thoughts change at all.

NFL Draft