2015 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings

Todd Gurley

  1. Amari Cooper WR Oakland Raiders – Cooper is one of the best route runners to come out of college in the last ten+ years.  His explosion in and out of breaks is going to make him a nightmare to cover in one on one situations.  He has long speed and has enough size and strength to make plays down the field.  Is he an elite touchdown threat like Mike Evans?  No, but he is a better route runner and is incredible after the catch.  Going to Oakland was a nice landing spot as he can build a relationship with second year QB Derek Carr.  The Raiders finally have an elite wide receiver after years of swings and misses based on speed alone.
  2. Todd Gurley RB St. Louis Rams – I’m sure you have seen Gurley on top of a ton of Dynasty rookie boards and I don’t blame anyone one bit.  He is an amazing talent, but there are enough drawbacks with him for me to slide him to the number two spot.  Coming off of an ACL tear, a clean one but still a major surgery with a recovery that is involved, and playing a position that I don’t value as highly as the wide receiver position pushes him to the number two spot.  I don’t like drafting injured players period.  Even if he recovers fully and is right back to his old self, he landed in a less than stellar spot in St. Louis.
  3. Kevin White WR Chicago Bears – Kevin White is a specimen.  He’s got elite size and speed for the position and has showed that he can make plays on the ball in the air and run after the catch.  The issues with White are that he is coming from a college offense that hasn’t translated well to the pro game and didn’t produce as long and as much as Amari Cooper.  I think the bigger issue is the type of offense he played in, but I think he can overcome that and develop into a top 10 wide receiver in a few short years.
  4. Melvin Gordon RB San Diego Chargers – Gordon has a great landing spot and that alone moved him up my rankings a few spots.  He is a talented runner with strength and speed and showed he can do some things in the passing game in the few chances he got at Wisconsin.  If he can learn the offense fast and protect Phillip Rivers he could be a great grab in redraft leagues as well.  Danny Woodhead is recovering from a major injury and Woodhead will need to be fully healthy for his talents to once again be NFL ready.  Love the landing spot for Gordon and I even traded Jamaal Charles straight up for the right to pick Gordon at number four overall in a rookie draft.
  5. DeVante Parker WR Miami Dolphins – Even with Kenny Stills and Jarvis Landry  in Miami Parker became the best wide receiver on that team the minute he was drafted.  He has size and speed and has a great knack for making plays.  Ryan Tannehill better get his act together throwing down field because Miami really put a lot in his cupboard this off season.
  6. Breshad Perriman WR Baltimore Ravens – Breshad Perriman is big and really, really fast.  He ran a 4.2 40 at his pro day and 6’2″ and 212lbs.  That’s an insane size/speed ratio.  He showed on tape the ability to leave corners and safeties looking for answers on how to cover him and showed the ability to make tough contested catches.  He did have some drops, but his landing spot with Joe Flacco and the Ravens makes me a little less concerned about that.  He’ll be the number one receiver in Baltimore for a long time pushing the limits of Flacco’s arm.
  7. Nelson Agholor WR Philadelphia Eagles – Can you say the PERFECT landing spot?!  Agholor literally fills two spots on the Eagles that were vacated when DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin left the last two offseasons.  He is an excellent return man who can play in the slot or outside and is amazing after the catch where he can show off his return man skills.  Love this spot for Agholor, but I can’t push him over Parker or Perriman.
  8. TJ Yeldon RB Jacksonville Jaguars – Yeldon will be a better pro than college player.  That’s what the scouts have said.  I hope it’s true as his landing spot puts him in line for a great chance at being a 3 down back for a coach that wants desperately to control the clock and take pressure off of his young QB. I like Yeldon’s landing spot a little better than the other two backs ranked behind him, but I can see the argument for them as well.
  9. Ameer Abdullah RB Detroit Lions – Abdullah lands with a Detroit team that has a need at the position.  Joique Bell is coming off of surgery and is older than most people think as he was a late bloomer in the pro game.  Theo Riddick is a nice player, but all in all isn’t a supremely talented back.  Abdullah should see ealry action as a change of pace back and could eventually become the primary ball carrier for Lions.
  10. Dorial Green-Beckham WR Tennessee Titans – Green-Beckham is this high on my list based on his potential alone.  I haven’t seen any type of production to warrant a top ten pick in rookie drafts and he has an amazing amount of red flags.  I’m not going to rehash all the reasons the transition to being a professional athlete could be a difficult one for him, but I will talk about the horrible landing spot in Tennessee.  The Titans have not been able to develop a wide receiver in a long time.  Not since Derek Mason has there been a wide receiver I could count on week in and week out.  The bad landing spot and the fact that he is an unfinished product on and off the field means I’m staying away unless I get incredible value by picking him a draft.
  11. Tevin Coleman RB Atlanta Falcons – Tevin Coleman has blazing speed and good size.  He showed he can pass protect and take it to the house at Indiana, but can he be elusive enough in tight spaces to produce at the NFL level.  That’s a good question, but he does get the benefit of landing in a spot with a great passing game already set up and an excellent run game coordinator in Kyle Shanahan.  With a defensive minded coach in place he could see a huge workload so the landing spot is perfect.
  12. Jameis Winston QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Winston is not Andrew Luck, but he is the most NFL ready QB to come out in a while.  He landed in a great spot with tremendous weapons and should be able to produce top 20 type QB numbers in his first year.  If Tampa can keep building their offensive line and get a running game that will take some pressure off of Winston he could flourish down the road.  He’s a value at the end of the first for sure.
  13. Devin Funchess WR Carolina Panthers – Funchess is an interesting case as he was a move tight end turned wide receiver at Michigan.  He’s huge with great leaping ability and has shown some skill at making contested plays, but overall he was very inconsistent playing with a less than talented Michigan team the last few years.  The landing spot is everything with Funchess as he goes to Carolina where Cam Newton loves to hit his big targets.  The WR2 position is wide open for Funchess and he could even emerge as a better player than Kelvin Benjamin down the road.
  14. Jaelen Strong WR Houston Texans – Jaelen Strong fell in the draft and fell a bit in the rookie rankings.  I love his size and speed and he showed a great ability to go up and make plays on the ball at Arizona State.  He’s got to get quicker in and out of his breaks and learn how to separate otherwise he will struggle to get targets in the pro game.  His landing spot isn’t ideal with the QB situation looking like one of the worst in the entire NFL.  Still really like him down the road and think he could be the Rueben Randle to DeAndre Hopkins OBJ.
  15. Marcus Mariota QB Tennessee Titans – Mariota has a lot to overcome to be a great PROFESSIONAL QB.  He played in a system that looks nothing like the pro game, but he did show elite athleticism and accuracy when he was set up for success.  He will need to work on the fundamentals of the position like reading a defense and moving your feet and shoulders as you go through your projections, but Ken Whisenhunt has been doing this a long time and I expect him to make it work.  The great thing about investing a pick in Mariota is you know he has a great make up.  He’s a tremendously hard worker with great speed and size.  Don’t let him fall too far in your drafts.
  16. Phillip Dorsett WR Indianapolis Colts – Dorsett was below Devin Smith in my rankings before he landed in Indy with Andrew Luck.  Dorsett has elite speed and has shown the ability to make tough catches in traffic down the field.  He gets dinged by people for not showing all the tools needed and I don’t question that.  The big thing is he landed in Indy with Andrew Luck and you don’t spend a first rounder on a guy when you’re this close to winning without having a plan for him.
  17. Duke Johnson RB Cleveland Browns – I wanted Duke Johnson to land in so…so many places, but Cleveland was not one of them.  With two quality backs already on the roster Johnson will have to battle for playing time in the all important practices.  We all know how Pettine had a different starter each week based on practice performance so if you take Johnson you will have to watch the Cleveland beat like a hawk.  I still like Johsnon’s skills a lot.  He has great feet and vision with excellent hands and a nose for first downs and the goal line.  Take him on talent and hope he rises above the competition.
  18. Jay Ajayi RB Miami Dolphins – The knee troubles were real with Ajayi because there is no way he should have lasted to the fifth round of the draft. While his long-term prognosis is not great for dynasty purposes his landing spot is pretty good as he can either share or take over the workload from Lamar Miller.  Ajayi is a bigger back with just as good of hands and running ability as Miller.  A timeshare could work in Ajayi’s long term favor as it won’t tax his knee as much.
  19. Maxx Williams TE Baltimore Ravens – In a class that wasn’t all that good at tight end Williams stood out.  He has huge hands and nice athleticism.  He landed in the perfect spot with the Baltimore Ravens as he will be the pass catching tight end that new offensive coordinator Marc Trestman likes.  Crockett Gilmore is a converted DE who showed promise as an inline tight end last season which allows Williams to move into the Dennis Pitta pass catching role.  Flacco loves his tight ends so I love the spot for Williams.
  20. Devin Smith WR New York Jets – Devin Smith is one of my favorite players in the draft.  He has a huge chip on his shoulder because people only think he’s a downfield receiver.  He IS a great downfield receiver with elite speed and tremendous concentration, but he can also run nice routes at all three levels.  he needs to be a little more explosive after he catches the ball underneath, but I think New York is a nice landing spot as he can learn from Brandon Marshall before eventually taking over.
  21. Javorius Allen RB Baltimore Ravens – Allen was an interesting back to try and figure out.  The USC run game wasn’t what it used to be this past season but Allen flashed a lot of skills.  the landing spot in Baltimore behind journeyman Justin Forsett is perfect as Allen is a bigger back with pass catching ability.  It moved him from a third round prospect to this spot for me.
  22. David Cobb RB Tennessee Titans – Cobb is such a nice inside runner.  He’s deceptively quick and finishes his runs. The landing spot is perfect as he can challenge Bishop Sankey for playing time and probably would benefit from a timeshare where he would be the goal line back.  Having a QB like Mariota who keeps the edge guys honest opens up all sorts of room for a big back like Cobb.
  23. David Johnson RB Arizona Cardinals – Johnson is a back that looks like a stud.  He’s jacked up and is fast with excellent hands.  He landed in Arizona where they were desperate to find a running mate for Andre Ellington.  It’s perfect fit for Johnson as he could be in-line for a timeshare early with a chance at being a lead 3-down back down the road.
  24. Tyler Lockett WR Seattle Seahawks – Lockett was a huge get for the Seahawks as they desperately needed to replace both Golden Tate and Percy Harvin.  They needed a receiver to be able to win with route running and also be an excellent kick returner so they don’t have to keep using their defenders in that spot.  Lockett should see the field a lot and if Russell Wilson develops a good relationship with him he could be a nice third or fourth receiver on your team.
  25. Chris Conley WR Kansas City Chiefs – A deep speed receiver who landed with a QB who doesn’t throw the ball down the field or outside the numbers.  Not ideal for year one, but his size and speed is worth investing in especially if Andy Reid doesn’t last long in KC.
  26. Sammie Coates WR Pittsburgh Steelers – Another size speed investment that could be boom or bust.  The Steelers have a nice history of using receivers the right way to help them develop so I can see Coates being an asset down the road.
  27. Justin Hardy WR Atlanta Falcons – Hardy landed in the perfect spot in Atlanta.  A wide open WR3 spot with no tight end to threaten targets.  With Roddy White aging and Julio Jones having a foot that has been an issue he could see work on the outside before to long.
  28. Matt Jones RB Washington Redskins – Love the landing spot for this big back.  Gruden did not draft Alfred Morris and hasn’t committed to him long term.  They spent a third round pick on a back that they think can do it all.  I say believe in what your eyes are telling you and grab Jones especiallyw itht he Redskins investing a 1st round pick on an excellent run blocking tackle.
  29. Mike Davis RB San Francisco 49ers – I wanted Davis to land in Dallas, but he landed in San Francisco which has huge question mark behind Carlos Hyde.  He’s an immediate hand-cuff for Hyde owners and should be in the number two spot in the pecking order as soon as Reggie Bush plays his way out of another city.
  30. Josh Robinson RB Indianapolis Colts – I love this little ball of action.  He is tremendous in tight spaces and has the ability to bounce off tacklers and make people miss.  He could sit behind Frank Gore for a year or two, but he fits the mold of a RB that a team that doesn’t make huge holes would need.
  31. Kenny Bell WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nice landing spot in Tampa Bay for Bell.  He has adequate speed and size and could eventually take over the number two wide receiver role from Vincent Jackson.
  32. DeAndre Smelter WR San Francisco 49ers – Smelter is a stash, but a stash that you need to spend a decent lick on.  He is huge and fast, but raw.  Maybe down the road he could be a player that well outplays his draft spot.
  33. Tre McBride WR Tennessee Titans – McBride’s draft slide drove me nuts.  He could have landed in a ton of better spots than with the Titans, but now we will ahve to hope he can hang on to the last wide receiver spot in Tennessee.
  34. Clive Walford TE Oakland Raiders- Love the landing spot as he becomes another weapon for a young QB.  Should start from day one and could develop into a high end TE2.  At worst he’s the second best option in a weak tight end class.
  35. Cameron Artis-Payne RB Carolina Panthers – Great landing spot for the speedy running back.  He immediately becomes the back -up or third string RB behind the oft-injured Jonathan Stewart.
  36. Vince Mayle WR Cleveland Browns – A big receiver who could end up being the defacto WR1 for the Browns down the road.  I like him as more of WR2 type with a chance for him to be a WR4 in fantasy.
  37. Jeremy Langford RB Chicago Bears – Nice landing spot behind the aging Matt Forte, but I’m not a huge believer in his talent.
  38. Rashad Greene WR Jacksonville Jaguars – Love Greene but wish he landed in a timing based offense with a better QB.  He runs nice routes and catches the ball well, but it means nothing if Bortles can’t get better.
  39. Stefon Diggs WR Minnesota Vikings – A team with a WR that is evolving.  Diggs is a nice Slot WR type and benefits from having a QB who likes to throw to the slot.
  40. Jesse James TE Pittsburgh Steelers – A great landing spot for James as he can learn the position from heath Miller.  He has elite size and nice speed so he’s worth a shot especially in tight end premium leagues.
  41. Jeff Heuerman TE Denver Broncos – Stash for the future after he injured his ACL in Rookie Camp.  Love the athleticism and he showed very nice ability in 2013.  The position is wide open in Denver.
  42. Ty Montgomery WR Green Bay Packers – Nice landing spot for Montgomery as he can be a return man that develops behind some of the best in the business.  I think Jeff Janis owners or DeVante Adams owners should hedge their bets with a late pick of Montgomery.
  43. Garrett Grayson QB New Orleans Saints – Grab Grayson and stash him for the inevitable divorce of Drew Brees and Sean Payton down the road.  Who knows he could even be a guy that they develop and trade.
  44. Tyler Kroft TE Cincinnati Bengals – I like Kroft but i don’t think he is going to be a major fantasy asset.  I think he’ll be a better real life tight end than fantasy one.
  45. Zach Zenner RB Detroit Lions – Zenner could develop into a nice complement to Abdullah down the road.  At least we know he’s smart enough as he’s putting off Medical School to give his dream a shot.
  46. Darren Waller WR Baltimore Ravens –  Huge WR/TE that is a nice stash for down the road.
  47. Bryce Petty QB New York Jets – Throws a great ball, but needs to learn the position all over again.  Stash for down the road.
  48. Karlos Williams RB Buffalo Bills – A back that will help on Special teams right away and could develop into LeSean McCoy‘s hand cuff down the road.
  49. Devante Davis WR Philadelphia Eagles – A nice landing spot for the big receiver from UNLV.  I could see him claiming a spot on the team and eventually becoming a starting outside receiver in Chip Kelly’s offense.
  50. Brett Hundley QB Green Bay Packers – He gets to learn the position behind the best in the game throwing to very talented wide receivers.  Great developmental stash for a dynasty team with middle aged QBs.