Rum-Springer (George Springer Hysteria)

Well the news of Goerge Springer’s call up to the Houston Astros came down last night like a lightning bolt from Mount Olympus.  Twitter went wild and fantasy owners everywhere went scrambling for their phones to see if Springer was on the waiver wire.  I think the analogy holds water as most owners who drafted […]

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Garbage Picking

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Watch
Fantasy Baseball owners are as bad as toddlers when it comes to patience.  They want the results now and two bad starts or two tough weeks at the plate is just too much for them to take.  They’ll jump ship before a distress signal has even been sent.  Leagues with limited or […]

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The Golden Days Of DFS

Recently one of my favorite daily fantasy sports sites, was bought by MGT.  I have to say I am sad because my initial introduction to DFS was through playing RapidFire on DraftDay with David Gonos, Dan Strafford and Eric Mack.  I had no idea that this industry existed, let alone how fun and addicting […]

Waiver Watch

Waiver Watch: Pitchers For Week 1

Starting Pitchers:

James Paxton:  The flame thrower from Seattle started out of the gates fast.  The big thing with Paxton is you’ll get a nice bump in strikeouts and strikeouts are as hard as homers to find and there’s nothing like picking up a nice supply week 1 of the Fantasy […]

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NFC East Wide Receiver Movement

NFC East Free Agency and Wide Receiver Movement

New York Giants: The Giants let Hakeem Nicks walk this off season and brought back an old Super Bowl hero as a sort-of replacement. The Giants had no designs on keeping Hakeem Nicks in the fold so it came as no surprise when he signed a prove-it deal with the Indianapolis Colts. Nicks’ […]

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Seattle Mariners Future

TheSeattle Mariners future is now folks.  I thought they were a year or two away just as recently as the beginning of spring training, but they are becoming a team that can not be overlooked on the field, or int he box score.

Oh the all important box score for the fantasy baseball player.  It used […]

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