Fantasy Sports: Trades

Being Proactive Vs. Being Annoying
I am all for trying to better your roster from the time the draft ends to the very second that you are eliminated from the playoffs.  I even love making trades during a draft.  That’s why I always prefer having a live in-person draft because you can use some of the […]

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Fantasy Football and Social Media

The New York Post released an article Tuesday recounting a disgusting barrage of tweets that New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was subjected to before and after the The Giants faced the Minnesota Vikings at Metlife Stadium. Jacobs exposed the idiot who threatened him and his family as well as another self-centered fantasy football participant who thought Jacobs owed him a personal […]

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Fantasy Football: NY Giants Week 8 Start/Sit

Well this week I finally get to write a start/sit post after a win. We did win that game on Monday night, didn’t we?  It almost feels like a loss the way that game played out against the Vikings. After all, Josh Freeman’s incompletions got more highlights then Eli Manning’s touchdown pass to Rueben Randle.

The Giants’ offense didn’t […]

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Fantasy Football: Week 7 Thoughts

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals
Marshawn Lynch was his usual powerful self running for over 90 yards and scoring a touchdown.  His middle finger to the sideline on a goal-line pass call was like a scene from the cutting room floor of Any Given Sunday.  If I were Lynch I would be pissed as well as […]

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Fantasy Football: NY Giants Start/Sit Week 7

Fantasy owners and Giants’ fans alike, have had a long time to stew over last week’s performance by Eli Manning.  Eli once again managed to turn the ball over multiple times, only this time he did it with the game on the line in the fourth quarter.  In retrospect he was lucky to only have […]

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Fantasy Football: Hits and Misses

While Fantasy Football prognostication is not an exact science it is always good to look back and figure out if your reasoning in making a particular decision was sound.  Yesterday the FFCounselor hosted a round table discussion taking a look at some of the biggest hits and misses from the first 6 weeks of the […]

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Fantasy Football: Redskins Run Game Problems

While many fantasy football “experts” preached that they expected a drop off from Alfred Morris this year, none expected it to be caused by game situations.  The expected statistical correction was supposed to be because of his limited talent and the fact that Robert Griffin III would be the focal point of the offense, if […]

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Fantasy Football: NY Giants Week 6 Start/Sit

The New York Giants decided to tease the fan base this past Sunday. The biggest tease was the anticipation leading up to the game. Everyone knew that Tom Coughlin teams always seem to win those must win games.  Backs against the wall and that’s when the Giants look like world beaters. The Giants of past years would […]

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Fantasy Football: St. Louis Rams Running Game

With the Rams running back situation currently in a state of disarray I wanted to take a look at who was really to blame for their running game problems.   The running backs suffer from a lack of elite talent, but they should be able to produce at least replacement level production and aren’t so […]

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Fantasy Football: NY Giants Week 5 Start/Sit

Who knew that the soft part of the Giants 2013 schedule would be when we finally got to face another NFC East opponent? The Eagles looked like they had it all going in the first half of game one of the Chip Kelly era as they dominated on both sides of the ball to lead 26-7 to end the […]

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