The New York Giants Dynasty Darlings

The entire reason I was drawn to fantasy sports as a child was a growing frustration with the New York Yankees shortsighted view during the 1980s. The Yankees were world famous for giving away their best talent while trying to recapture the glory of the late 70s during my formative years. The names read like […]

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Fantasy Football Mock Draft Recap: Rds 9-16

Let’s face it folks, we’re not getting any younger. I used to be able to sit at a poker table in Atlantic City for 24 hours and was as sharp on the last hand as I was on the first. Now, I’m lucky to see the board flush if it’s past my bedtime. I noticed […]

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Ryan Braun Problems

Well folks, we are headed into the All Star break and it’s time to take stock of the first half of the fantasy baseball season.  I am currently leading or in second place in all of my leagues, but I am in no mood to celebrate.

Why, you ask?

His name is Ryan Braun.

I was unlucky enough […]

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Fantasy Football Mock Draft Recap Rounds 3 Thru 8

“Adapt or Die!” Brad Pitt exclaims to his head scout in the hit movie “Money Ball.”

This should be your mindset during a fantasy football draft. You will most likely go into a draft with one plan and come out using three different back up plans just to survive. Remember it’s all about putting the best […]

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Draft Master 102 Mock Draft Recap

The first of July seemed like the best time to start setting my preseason rankings and dipping my toes in the mock draft waters. The best part is I could do this with my toes literally in the water. Sitting at the beach with an I-Pad in hand, soaking in both the sun and fantasy […]

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David Wilson-The Secret is Out!

While Evan Silva was cautiously optimistic on David Wilson’s fantasy potential heading into 2013, other writers and experts are starting to pump up Wilson’s draft stock with every passing day.
For example, recently ran an article declaring Wilson their breakout player of the year.

“Like any high-upside running back, playing time is the key. Buffalo’s C.J. Spiller is a comparable talent who forfeited […]

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A look at the NY Giants Defense and Kicker

Although it is argued by some, we as New York Giants’ fans know that the chant of “De- Fense” was invented at the old Yankee Stadium. We chant it in our living rooms as well as at the games in every critical defensive situation. While the Giants’ offense has had it’s up and downs over the […]

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