Evan Longoria Injured

Well another season and another nagging injury for Evan Longoria.  This time it’s plantar factitious that has felled the power hitting third baseman of the Tampa Bay Rays.  If you drafted Longoria you probably had a back up plan in mind all along, but if you didn’t don’t go looking for any rusty knives just […]

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Is Eli Manning Elite? From a Fantasy Football Perspective

Is Eli Manning elite? Ask a New York Giants fan and you will get an emphatic “Yes!” as they describe the Super Bowl winning drives and calm nerves displayed in every big spot. Magician-like throws to David Tyree and Mario Manningham are described in high definition quality while smiles spread across their faces. As John Malkovic in “Rounders” said,”The kid has got […]

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Fantasy Baseball Retreads

Garbage Picking
When I was growing up all the kids in the neighborhood couldn’t wait until bulk garbage day.  We would jump on our bikes and circle the streets looking for a find.  There were streets that didn’t even get a first look either because of the enormous effort it took to pedal up the hill […]

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Fantasy League Commissioner Wanted

You don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone.  While Cinderella’s early 90’s power ballad may have made me queasy at the time, truer words were truly never spoken.   I had no idea how lucky I was that my buddy from age five had been our fantasy football league commissioner for all these years. […]

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Waiver Wire Pick Ups: Trade Pieces or Trash?

When going through a long season of fantasy baseball you inevitably will receive bad trade offers.  Some trade offers are more offensive than others.  None more so than when someone offers you a recent waiver wire pickup as a key piece in a trade.  There are exceptions to this rule (big time prospects like Yasiel […]

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The New York Giants’ latest version of “Thunder and Lightning”

The New York Giants have a great tradition at the running back position. From Joe Morris to Ahmad Bradshaw the position has been both solid on the field and in the world of fantasy football. Some Giants running backs stood taller among their peers than others. Morris was arguably the best fantasy football running back from 1985 […]

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Don’t Set It and Forget It

Fantasy baseball is not a “set it and forget it” endeavor.  You don’t draft a team and send it out into the world without having to constantly tinker with it.  You may have three different players play second base for you in any given month while also having a different frontline starter based on that […]

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Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks are a Fantasy Football Dynamic Duo

The importance of drafting a Wide Receiver high in fantasy drafts has never been lower. With the NFL making rule changes every time you turn around. The defense has never been more at a disadvantage. Quarterbacks are free to pick apart toothless secondaries and rack up numbers that have never been seen in the modern […]

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Don’t Drink The Sand

The perception of starting pitching depth on a fantasy baseball team is the same mirage that exists with respect to depth at running back in fantasy football leagues.  You are always one pitch or one carry away from being in a bind.  With pitchers, it could be age and frailty such as with Andy Pettitte […]

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